Summer School Italië

8th to 21st September 2014

Designing the Piazza Verde for I Maestri del Paesaggio2015

The Summer School addresses the theme of the design of contemporary urban landscape with a multidisciplinary and international approach. Students from all over the world and from diverse disciplines (architects, designers, artists, landscape architects, agronomists, botanists, photographers, film-makers) are called upon to collaborate in the development of ideas, in the construction of strategies of a project, in the presentation of work, and in the study of the techniques to be applied, following a hands-on system of learning.
The design of contemporary public space can only be a result of teamwork; each individual’s expertise contributes towards solving specific problems. This is a different approach from that of an issue that is addressed at different levels with different methodologies.

In keeping with this logic, the Summer School team will study the complexity of the design of public space together with two international personalities. These two personalities – a landscape architect and an environmental artist – will be visiting professors, chosen with the aim of maintaining an all-round vision of the project in hand. Each year, the Summer School will choose a fresh pair of visiting professors. The professors will work together with the students to design the landscaping of Piazza Vecchia as Piazza Verde, a transformation that takes place every September, following the yearly tradition I Maestri del Paesaggio.

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