Prijsvraag Turijn

De stad Turijn, Italië heeft een prijsvraag uitgeschreven voor alle studenten landschapsarchitectuur (en pas-afgestudeerden). Hierin vraagt de stad om mee te denken over nieuwe concepten voor de almaar groeiende stad.

“In order to assure a bright future to Turin, we need to consider transforming or to replacing the current models of urban management, life and development. The ways we manage the urban areas, the planning of other transformations and regeneration, involving citizens, raising funds and resources, coping with the global economic cycles, adapting to the climate and social changes will need to be considered as the main inspiring principles: resilience, sustainability and integration. One of the possible models refers to of the concepts of agro – housing and urban – farming, which are becoming more and more widespread: the use of open spaces – also unconventional – for diverse agricultural and cropping technologies and methods along with innovative production and management processes within a highly populated urban realm…”

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