Lezing John Martin (Australiƫ)

The Governance of Sustainability in the Australian Federation: Reflections on recent success and failure.

The federal structure of Australian government creates overlapping and conflicting interests in this liberal democracy. A structure designed over a century ago to bring together disparate and distant colonies. Sustainability issues today cut across all levels of government and policies and programs to address what are now pressing issues can become entangled in political divisions across and between these three levels of government. Using issues such as carbon management, adaptation planning, revenue sharing and service provision for a rapidly ageing society this lecture will highlight where contemporary Australian public policy has succeeded and where it has failed in addressing contemporary sustainability issues.

Dr John Martin is an Emeritus Professor with La Trobe University. He lives and works in the gold city of Bendigo in central Victoria. John is one of Australia’s leading local governance researchers and holds adjunct appointments at the University of Adelaide and in the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government at the University of Technology in Sydney. He consults widely to local government across Australia and continues to contribute to local government development programs for our Asian neighbours. John has an undergrad degree in ecology and natural resource management and grad degrees in public administration, sociology and a PhD in public policy from the Australian National University. He is a keen cyclist having toured across Canada in 2012 and New Zealand in 2014.

Woensdag 3 september
16.00 uur
Kapel, Larenstein