Lezing Carbon Neutral Urbanism

Namens het lectoraat Stadslandbouw als Stedelijke Ontwerpopgave nodig ik u van harte uit voor de lezing van Dr. Siqing Chen over het onderwerp:

Carbon neutral urbanism: A performative geodesign perspective.

De lezing vindt plaats op maandag 8 juni 2014 om 16.00 uur in D007, Hogeschool VHL, Larensteinselaan 26a te Velp.

Wilt u deelnemen aan deze lezing? Stuurt u dan vóór vrijdag 5 juni a.s. een mailbericht met uw NAW-gegevens naar infotc@hogeschoolVHL.nl onder vermelding van “lezing Dr. Siqing Chen”.

Wij verwelkomen u graag op maandag 8 juni 2015!

Carbon emissions and climate change are a result of our existing system of energy supply and
consumption. Carbon emissions probably can only be structurally reduced through drastic
changes to that system. Like energy and mass are linked in Einstein’s formula E = mc2, energy
and space should also be seen in relation to each other, particularly in the planning and design
for energy landscape. In this study, a performative geodesign approach is used to explore the
potential of renewable energy in fueling carbon neutral or low carbon cities, in which landscape
is deployed as a medium for the design and planning of the new energy infrastructure, using
Australia as an example.

Dr Siqing Chen is a lecturer of landscape and urban planning in Faculty of Architecture,
Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne.